Small Group Ministry

A Different Way of Doing Church

If you’re looking to intensify and strengthen the shared experience of worship, consider joining our Small Group Ministry. 

The Small Group Ministry program deepens and broadens personal spiritual growth through worship, listening, community, learning & service.

In our fast-paced, technology-oriented society, deep social connection is lacking.  The intimate nature of our small group program allows individuals to experience that much needed connection, practice listening and mindfulness, while being present for each other.

Small group brings together learners who seek spiritual growth, who wish to better understand themselves and the world, and to ponder the age old questions of faith: how to live, what to believe, how to act, and what meanings we can decipher from the mystery of life.

”People come to church longing for, yearning for, hoping for … a sense of roots, place, belonging, sharing and caring. People come to a church with a search for community, not committee. — Glenn Turner

An essential component of small group ministry is service together, and experience spiritual growth together. Service projects fulfill the innate human desire to feel needed while at the same time providing critical support to other individuals and groups within the Church community and beyond.


Small Group Ministry FAQs

Is Small Group a BIG Commitment?

Group members are expected to commit to regular meeting times and to participate in group service projects.  Small Groups should feel like they are a welcome and manageable commitment benefiting all who participate.

Where do Small Group Meetings take place?

Guided by the Minister and the Small Group Ministry Committee, meeting times, locations and formats are decided by the members of the group. We do our best to suggest groups aligned with your personal objectives and availability. Some groups choose to meet at the Church and plan for special outings and meeting locations that suit the group as a whole.

What kind of topics do Small Groups discuss?

Meetings may focus on a diverse variety of spiritual or religious topics, for example:  sacred places, perfection, mothers, community, living simply, music, and healing. Groups work together to choose their own order, direction, and pace.

Who helps run the Small Group Meetings?

Small Group Ministry facilitators help to keep meetings timely and structured and they also help to coordinate the overall life of the group. 

Facilitators help with everything from meeting reminders, session planning, guiding discussions and sharing, to meeting with each other and the Minister on a regular basis to maintain a connection between the groups and the larger church community.

What goes on at a typical Small Group Meeting ?

A typical Small Group Ministry meeting goes kind of like this…

As participants gather and settle in, the facilitator may remind participants of the special opportunity gathering provides and reflect upon the topic of the session. The meeting may begin with the lighting of a candle or chalice.

The group may then have participants share brief updates on what is going on in each of their personal lives, each group develops its own customs as to the depth and length of sharing.

Each small group ministry meeting has a “session topic”; a paragraph or two along with questions to evoke thoughtful discussion and significant reflection.  A group may stay with a topic several weeks or be done in one evening.

Prior to ending the meeting, participants can offer feedback and share their likes and dislikes about the meeting format.

The facilitator is responsible for guiding the group to wrap up the meeting on time, saying a few closing words and reminding the group of the next meeting.

Amazing things happen when we get together.