Become a Member

Want to join us?

We offer membership on your own terms.

You do not have to be a member to enjoy the benefits of church life…But membership does have it’s privileges.

We warmly welcome all friends, guests, visitors to our parish and encourage everyone to get to know us. We don’t insist you attend Sunday services, but then again you’ll really be missing out. We won’t reprimand you for not joining a committee, but then again, why would you not? We look for support from our congregation in many ways, through volunteerism and stewardship, and participation in Sunday worship.

Still interested? Here’s how it works:

Get to Know Us.

Attend a Sunday service. Attend a few services. Every week is different from the last. See how you feel when you worship with us. Enjoy coffee hour, talk to our members.

Explore your own spirituality through worship, through conversation, and community.

Meet with Our Minister.

Talk to Reverend Catherine, consider how you can contribute to church life and consider how the Church can impact your life.

Sign “The Book”.

Yes, it’s that easy. We ask you to sign The Book. Signing the book is a meaningful rite of passage creating ceremony around your personal leap of faith and commitment to the Church and our combined faith in the amazing things we can do together.

Be recognized on New Member Sunday.

You’ve decided to become a member? We couldn’t be more thrilled!  We have to let everyone know.  Join us for New Member Sunday and enjoy the warmest welcome into our church community.

Amazing things happen when we get together.