Cell Fund Grants

Non-Capital Cell Fund Grants

The Church receives monies from telecommunications companies that lease space within Church buildings for antennas and associated equipment.  These funds are available for designation to support Church programs in the following categories: Social Justice, Communications, Leadership Development, Information technology and Enrichment of Church Life.


Criteria for Grant Consideration

1. Reflect Unitarian Universalist principles and values
2. Create a new or support an ongoing program
3. Identify ways to measure success


Eligible Applicants

Committees, Members and Friends of First Parish Church, as defined by the by-laws, may apply for grants. Youth applicants must apply through the Religious Education Committee.


Grant Distribution

The total funds available for each category will be determined by the Governing Board in August of the new fiscal year and publicized at the start of the new church year by the Treasurer or a designee of the Treasurer. Grants may be made for multiyear programs and/or projects.


Application Process/Timeline

All grant requests must submitted using the Grant Application Form (see sidebar) and emailed to the Church office.  Final approval of grant requests is made by vote of the Cell Grant Committee on a rolling basis. The Committee meets the first Sunday of the month, excluding July and August). Grants should be submitted two weeks prior for review.

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