Meet the Church Staff

Reverend Doctor Catherine Cullen

Lead Minister

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Reverend Alix Klingenberg

Assistant Minister of Community Life & Learning

As the Assistant Minister of Community Life and Learning, my focus is lifelong faith formation and religious education, social media and outreach, as well as ensuring that people feel seen and welcomed into our community.

As a spiritual leader, I am committed to the values of empathy, compassion, social engagement, and honesty and strive to put these at the center of my ministry. With a background in art and music, I try to bring a creative spirit to all that I do.

If you’d like to schedule a meeting or pastoral care visit with Rev. Alix, you can send her an email or use Calendly.

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Edwin Swanborn

Music Director

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Lenore O’Malley

Church Administrator

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John N. Russo


Dawn MacKechnie

Youth Advisor

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